Home School Association Board
2018-2019 School Year

Susan Maiorana - President

Oscar Alfaro - Vice President

Felice Salvatore - Treasurer

Valerie Smith - Secretary

As we begin the new school year, we encouarge everyone to volunteer. 

Walways welcome any suggestions or ideas you may have for future events.

Looking forward to a fruitful year ahead!



St. Gens HSA Newsletter
September 2018

President’s Message 
Hello, my name is Susan Maiorana. I am the new HSA President.  I look forward to serving in this capacity and hope to be able to continue the enjoyable, fun and educational HSA sponsored events of the past.  In order to have a successful year we need your help as volunteers.  If you do not currently get the occasional email updates from the HSA, please email us at st.genevievehsa@gmail.com.  Together we can make this one of the best school years for St. Gens and for our children.  Thank You!
Meet our NEW HSA Board!

Oscar Alfaro- Vice President
Felice Salvatore -Treasurer
Valerie Smith- Secretary

If you are interested in joining the board, please email st.genevievehsa@gmail.com.
HSA Formal Meetings will be held on December 4th and March 12th at 7pm in the cafeteria.  All are encouraged to attend!!
  Calendar of Events

12-26 KidStuff Coupon                     Book Sale

15-26 Yankee Candle

5- 16 Mixed Bags fundraiser
5- 16 Read-A-Thon
26-30 Scholastic Book Fair

3-7 Christmas Shoppe
9     Applebee’s Breakfast

**All events are tentative and dates are subject to change**

If you agreed to pay the up front fundraiser fee of $400, please send in check by September 30th.

Reminder! Protecting God’s Children class is required for parents volunteering at school events (e.g. trips).
HSA contact info
Email- st.genevievehsa@gmail.com
Facebook - search “St. Genevieve Catholic School Home School Association”

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